Welcome to Landseeker!

By ‘clicking’ onto our web site you have just taken the 1st step towards releasing cash contained within your garden or property.

After completing the contact form or telephoning us direct, we will determine if your property is suitable for development. If so, we will arrange to visit the site to discuss the value of the land with you.

Upon reaching agreement with regards to value and development design, we would ask you to sign a legal option agreement which allows us to start the planning application process, fully utilising our extensive resources and knowledge, assisted by our team of development professionals.

You will of course be kept fully up dated whilst this process is underway and you are most welcome to contact us direct if you have any further questions or queries.

We would stress that this whole process is free to you and there are no consultation fees.

So as we say “Having bought your home, why not get cash back?”

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